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Legal Updates Archive

March 26, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: Department of Labor Restricts Employer-Directed Tip Distribution Even When Affected Employees Are Paid Above the Minimum Wage - By Damien DiGiovanni

March 14, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: Cities and Towns Score a Major Win in Quinn Bill Litigation - By Colin R. Boyle

March 7, 2012

CLIENT ALERTt: Court Approves Board's Authority to Require Employers to Post Notice of Employee Rights - By Nathan Kaitz

February 24, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: March 1, 2012 Deadline for Data Security Measures in Third-Party Service Provider Contracts Approaching - By Maura D. McLaughlin

January 31, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: EEOC Report Reveals Popularity of Retaliation Claims, Noticeable Increase in Religious and National Origin Discrimination Claims - By Christopher S. Feudo

January 27, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: Federal Court Allows Claims to Proceed Based on School District’s Investigation of Sexual Relationship - By Nathan Kaitz

January 25, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Rules that Class and Collective Action Waivers in Mandatory Arbitration Agreements Violate the NLRA - By Sean O'Connor

January 23, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Enacts Legislation Prohibiting Gender Identity Discrimination in the Workplace - By Laura Coltin Ogden

January 4, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Postpones Deadline for Employers to Post Notice of Employee Rights to April 30, 2012 - By Nathan L. Kaitz

December 23, 2011

PUBLIC SECTOR CLIENT ALERT: School Districts Must Meet January 1, 2012 Deadline for Implementing Sports-Related Head Injury and Concussion Policy - By Colin R. Boyle