For over ninety years, Morgan, Brown & Joy has been one of the preeminent employment and labor law firms representing management in the United States. Our clientele spans the entire spectrum of the economy including retail, energy, biotechnology, communications, banking and insurance, college and universities, government, healthcare, technology, publishing and manufacturing.

Established in 1923 by John W. Morgan, the firm of Morgan, Brown & Joy has successfully anticipated and adapted to the changing legal and business landscape to grow to its present complement of twenty eight lawyers. Its origins in labor and employment law can be traced back prior to the passage of the Norris-Laguardia Act in 1932 and the Wagner Act in 1935. During the period 1935 - 1960 as the field of labor and employment law developed the firm's practice grew, adding among its clients retailers, public utilities, manufacturers, trucking companies to name a few.

Employment law experts since the 1920's.

In the 1960's and 1970's, with the passage of new legislation in the area of civil rights, occupational health and safety, and pension protection, the firm's practice correspondingly expanded into those areas.

For the past twenty-five years Morgan, Brown & Joy has enhanced its reputation in the field of employment and labor law. In the process and with the changing economy, it now counts among its clients some of the largest corporations in America and in many different sections of the changing economy, e.g., biotechnology, technology and communications.

Morgan, Brown & Joy is the only law firm in the United States to have two of its partners selected as Chairman of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the American Bar Association, John W. Morgan in 1959 and William F. Joy in 1973. Additionally, the firm has been active in business and trade associations such as the National Retail Federation, National Association of College and University Attorneys and the Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

Chambers USA 2015 Ranks Morgan, Brown & Joy in the Top Tier "Band 1" of Labor and Employment Defense Firms in Massachusetts. According to Chambers USA, our firm is known as "An outstanding management-side labor and employment group. A distinguished history as one of the leading groups handling workplace discrimination disputes, termination litigation, collective bargaining and much more."

The firm's lawyers are proud of its long and distinguished history, and commit themselves to adding to its national reputation.