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Legal Updates Archive

August 6, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Legislature Passes Noncompetition Agreement and Trade Secret Reform - By Jeffrey S. Siegel and Sean P. O'Connor

July 2, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Clarifies and Retracts Handbook Language Limits - By Keith H. McCown

July 2, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: Janus Decision on Agency Fees Roils Public Sector Union Landscape - By Keith H. McCown

July 2, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts “Grand Bargain” Raises Minimum Wage, Ends Sunday and Holiday Premium Pay, Creates Paid Family and Medical Leave - By Sean P. O'Connor

June 28, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: New Hampshire Adds Gender Identity to List of Protected Classes - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

June 7, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Legality of Class Action Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements - By Ryan W. Jaziri

May 21, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: New York State and New York City Impose New Sexual Harassment-Related Obligations on Employers - By Jeffrey S. Siegel and Damien M. DiGiovanni

May 18, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: Hiring Procedures Again Affected by Massachusetts Criminal System Reform - By Keith H. McCown and Allison B. Cherundolo

March 22, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: Update - Preparing for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act - By Jaclyn L. Kugell and Alexandra L. Pichette

March 19, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: Tax Reform Act Eliminates Deductions for Sexual Harassment Settlement Payments that Require Nondisclosure - By Jeffrey S. McAllister