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Legal Updates Archive

February 5, 2013

CLIENT ALERT: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Finds the Recess Appointments of Three Members to the NLRB to be Invalid - By Damien M. DiGiovanni

January 7, 2013

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Changes Rules Again - Duty to Bargain Prior to First Contract and Witness Statements - By Nicholas DiGiovanni

January 7, 2013

CLIENT ALERT: Updated FCRA Notices Required As Of January 1, 2013 - By Sean O'Connor

January 2, 2013

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Requires Release Agreement to Specifically Identify Wage Act Claims - By Sean O'Connor

December 20, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Rules that Union Dues Checkoff Survives Expiration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement - By Nicholas DiGiovanni

November 16, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Division of Advice Finds “At-Will” Language Contained In Two Employers’ Handbooks Did Not Violate the Act - By Damien M. DiGiovanni

November 14, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Becomes Eighteenth State to Allow Medicinal Use of Marijuana But Employers' Obligations Under Federal Law Do Not Change - By Rachel E. Muñoz

October 24, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: State Law May Require Time Off for Employees to Vote - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

September 21, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB’s First Social Media Decision Finds that Policy Prohibiting Posting of Damaging Statements Is Unlawful - By Laura Ogden

September 13, 2012

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Scrutinizes At-Will Disclaimers - By Nicole Corvini