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Legal Updates Archive

May 3, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Anti-Bullying Legislation Will Require Quick Action by School Districts - By Nathan L. Kaitz

April 27, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act Provides Tax Incentives to Encourage Employers to Hire and Retain New Workers - By Rachel E. Muñoz

April 16, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: U.S. Department of Labor Concludes Mortgage Loan Officers Are Not Exempt Under the Administrative Exemption to the FLSA - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

April 16, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Federal COBRA Subsidy Program Extended Through May 31, 2010 - By Sean O'Connor

April 15, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Fair Labor Standards Act Amendment Requires Employers to Provide Breaks to Nursing Mothers - By M. Amy Carlin

April 9, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: MCAD Finds Employer Liable for Discrimination and Constructive Discharge of Bipolar Employee - By Sean P. O'Connor

April 1, 2010

Latest Developments on Collective Bargaining and Unionization (presented at the NACUA Higher Education Employment Law CLE Workshop) - By Nicholas DiGiovanni, Jr.

March 31, 2010

Employers Should Be Mindful of Appointments of Pro-Union Members to the NLRB - By Nathan Kaitz

March 19, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Superior Court Vacates Arbitrator’s Decision to Reinstate Arlington Public School Teacher - By Peter Mee

March 3, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: COBRA Subsidy Program Extended and Clarified Through Federal Legislation - By Sean O'Connor