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Legal Updates Archive

October 14, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Court of Appeals Affirms Denial of Summary Judgment Under Tort Claims Act - By Peter Mee

September 20, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts State Blue Laws Again Restrict Retail and Manufacturing Business Openings on Columbus Day and Veterans Day - By Daniel Field

August 26, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Clarifies Leave Rights Under State Maternity Leave Law - By Amy Carlin

August 12, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Overhauls Accessibility to Criminal Information of Applicants and Employees - By Sarah Mullen

August 11, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Law Requires Employers to Notify Employees When Adding Negative Information to Personnel Records - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

August 9, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Court of Appeals Finds Pharmaceutical Representatives Not Exempt Under Federal and State Wage-Hour Law - By Nathan Kaitz

July 23, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Federal Court Grants Preliminary Approval for $175 Million Settlement in Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit - By Nathan L. Kaitz

July 9, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Department of Labor Clarifies Definition of “Son or Daughter” Under the FMLA and Expands Leave Protections for Employees with an In Loco Parentis Relationship - By Laura M. Raisty

July 9, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rules Employer’s Alcohol Abuse Policy Did Not Create Employer Liability For Injuries Caused By Intoxicated Employee - By Rachel E. Muñoz

June 17, 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Court Holds Two-Member NLRB Lacked Authority to Issue Rulings - By Nathan Kaitz