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Legal Updates Archive

December 14, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: The New Hampshire WARN Act to Take Effect on January 1, 2010 - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

November 18, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts’ Highest Court Clarifies Standard For Punitive Damage Awards Under State Anti-Discrimination Statute - By Sean O'Connor

November 5, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: EEOC Releases Proposed Regulations to the Americans With Disabilities Amendments Act - By Sarah Mullen

November 2, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: President Obama Signs into Law Amendments to the FMLA Expanding Coverage for Military Service Members and Their Families - By Laura M. Raisty

October 27, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Second Circuit Holds that Employer’s Failure to Engage in Interactive Process for Reasonable Accommodation Is Immaterial to ADA Claim - By Laura E. Coltin

October 13, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Appeals Court Finds Wage Act Claim Subject to Arbitration - By Nathan L. Kaitz

October 13, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: The Department of Homeland Security Rescinds No-Match Rule - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

October 1, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: EEOC Settles Lawsuit Over Policy Requiring Termination After Expiration of Workers’ Compensation Leave - By David Connelly

September 21, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: The Department of Transportation Requires Direct Observation Collections for Return to Duty and Follow-Up Drug Testing - By Nathan L. Kaitz

September 14, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Employers Must Provide Employees in New York with Written Notice of Pay Information - By Rachel E. Muñoz