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Legal Updates Archive

April 8, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: First Circuit Finds No Individual Liability Under Title VII - By Rachel E. Muñoz

April 2, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Court Upholds Clause in Collective Bargaining Agreement Mandating Arbitration of Discrimination Claim - By Nicholas DiGiovanni

March 27, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Civil Service Commission Upholds “Banding” Scoring Method For Civil Service Promotional Exams - By Sean O'Connor

March 16, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Electronic Employee Verification and Revised Form I-9 Deadlines Delayed - By Daniel S. Field and Jeffrey S. Siegel

March 10, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Employee Free Choice Act Re-Introduced in Congress - by Nicholas DiGiovanni

March 4, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: DOL Provides Clarification on the Stimulus Bill’s Effect on COBRA - By Sean O'Connor

February 20, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Stimulus Bill Modifies Provisions of COBRA By Providing Subsidy to Employees - By Sean O'Connor

February 17, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Data Security Regulations: Deadline for Compliance Delayed Until January 1, 2010 - By Rachel Munoz

February 12, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: President Obama Signs Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Expanding Scope of Claims of Discriminatory Compensation - By Franklin L. Baxley

February 11, 2009

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Court Holds Title VII Protects From Retaliation Employees Who Cooperate With Internal Investigation - By Nathan L. Kaitz