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Legal Updates Archive

August 11, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: Federal Court Finds Employer Cannot Deny Commissions to Employee Who Resigned - By Daniel S. Field and Andrea E. Zoia

July 28, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Signed by Governor Baker - By Maura McLaughlin and Alexandra Pichette

July 20, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: Employers Must Use Updated Form I-9 No Later than September 18, 2017 - By Gabriel Gladstone

July 19, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Employers Must Now Accommodate Legal Medical Marijuana Use in Most Situations - By Jeffrey S. McAllister

June 19, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: USDOL Rescinds Administrative Guidance Regarding Joint Employment and Independent Contractor Classification - By Desiree Murphy

May 5, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: Seventh Circuit Is First Federal Appeals Court to Recognize Sexual Orientation Discrimination Under Title VII - By Damien DiGiovanni

May 2, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Addresses Discrimination Claim Involving Safety Risk - By Jonathan Persky

March 3, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Legality of Class Action Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements - By Ryan Jaziri

January 25, 2017

CLIENT ALERT: USDOL Authorizes Lower Minimum Wage Rate for Tipped Employees - By Daniel S. Field and Shane R. Goodrich

December 6, 2016

CLIENT ALERT: Employers Must Use Updated Form I-9 No Later than January 22, 2017 - By Jeffrey S. Siegel