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Legal Updates Archive

May 26, 2006

Electronic Workplace Privacy - Limiting Employers' Liability for Monitoring Computer Usage of Employees - By M. Amy Carlin

May 3, 2006

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rules on the Issue of Whether Non-resident Same-sex Couples Can Obtain Massachusetts Marriage Licenses

April 19, 2006

CLIENT ALERT: Department of Labor Opines on Whether Mortgage Originators Qualify as Exempt Under the FLSA

April 18, 2006

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Court Approves Electronic Discovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

March 30, 2006

Future Thinking, Academic Collective Bargaining in a World of Rapid Change - By Nicholas DiGiovanni, Jr. (to be presented at the 33rd Annual National Conference at Hunter College)

January 31, 2006

CLIENT ALERT: Department of Labor's Final USERRA Regulations Are Effective as of January 18, 2006

January 17, 2006

Implementing Mutual Gains (Interest-Based) Collective Bargaining - By Nicholas DiGiovanni, Jr. (to be presented at the NACUA Higher Education Employment Law CLE Workshop)

December 30, 2005

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Court Decides When Preparatory Activities Are “Working Time” Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

December 21, 2005

Electronic Discovery Update for Employment Lawyers - Jeffrey S. Siegel (published ABA TIPS article)

November 29, 2005

CLIENT ALERT: Day After Christmas Retail Store Openings Approved