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Legal Updates Archive

March 1, 2016

CLIENT ALERT: Individual Employees May Be Liable for Discrimination Under New Hampshire State Law - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

February 12, 2016

CLIENT ALERT: Proposed EEO-1 Changes and Wage Equality Legislation on the Horizon - By Colin R. Boyle

February 1, 2016

CLIENT ALERT: Wage & Hour Division Issues Expansive Guidance On Joint Employer Liability - By Jonathan D. Persky and Laura E. Ogden

December 15, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts Minimum Wage Increases to $10.00 Per Hour on January 1, 2016; Joins Fifteen Other States and the District of Columbia In Hourly Wage Increases - By Daniel S. Field and Mairead C. Blue

December 2, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: Second Circuit Upholds NLRB Decision that Employer Unlawfully Terminated Employees for “Liking” and Commenting on Facebook Posting - By - Jermaine L. Kidd

September 25, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts State Labor Board Finds Duty To Bargain Over Installation of GPS Devices in City Vehicles - By James M. Pender

August 31, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: How Your Company Could Be Responsible for the Actions and Employees of Another Company - by Keith B. Muntyan

July 20, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: U.S. Department of Labor Issues New Formal Guidance on Independent Contractor Classification under the Fair Labor Standards Act - by Daniel Field

July 14, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: EEOC Issues Updated Pregnancy Discrimination Guidance - By Jermaine Kidd

June 30, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: U.S. DOL Issues Draft Regulations Overhauling White Collar Overtime Exemptions - By Daniel Field