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Legal Updates Archive

April 13, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: Massachusetts SJC Rules that Tip Law Permits No-Tipping Policies Provided Appropriate Notice is Given - By Daniel Field

April 7, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies Legal Test for Pregnancy Discrimination Cases - By Jermaine L. Kidd

March 18, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Court Ruling Approves of Department of Labor Interpretation that Mortgage Originators Do Not Qualify for Administrative Exemption - By Jeffrey S. Siegel

February 5, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Judicial Court Affirms Right of Massachusetts Cities, Towns and School Districts to Unilaterally Change Retiree Health Insurance Contribution Rates - By Laurence J. Donoghue

January 23, 2015

CLIENT ALERT: New Massachusetts Parental Leave Law - By M. Amy Carlin

January 7, 2015

Employer's Short List of New Year's Resolutions for 2015 - By Keith McCown

December 29, 2014

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Decision Provides New Guidance for Determining Managerial Status for Full Time Faculty Members and When It Will Assert Jurisdiction over Religious Institutions - by Nicholas DiGiovanni

December 18, 2014

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Again Issues “Ambush Election” Rule - By Keith Muntyan

December 18, 2014

CLIENT ALERT: NLRB Changes Deferral Rules – And Doubles Employer Exposure - By Keith Muntyan

December 15, 2014

CLIENT ALERT: Supreme Court Rules That Time Spent Clearing Security Is Non-Compensable Time Under the FLSA - By Andrea E. Zoia and Daniel S. Field