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Labor Law

Not that long ago, "employment lawyers" were known as "labor lawyers." For decades, traditional "labor law" - the practice of law involving employer-union relations - was the only legal specialty related to employment. Today, many attorneys try to distinguish themselves as "employment lawyers" even though they freely admit that they offer no real expertise in the bedrock of all American employment law, namely, traditional labor law.

No "employment law" practice is complete without the ability to advise employers on traditional labor law issues, and Morgan, Brown & Joy is unsurpassed in its ability to provide that kind of advice. Morgan, Brown & Joy built its modern and extensive employment law practice upon an unequaled history in traditional labor law. Employers will find no greater depth when they need legal advice on union avoidance, union organizing drives, union representation elections, unfair labor practice charges, collective bargaining, grievance arbitration, and mediation.

Unionization in the public sector is an especially important element of the employment law landscape today. Morgan, Brown & Joy has been advising cities, towns, and other public sector entities on traditional labor law issues since the birth of public sector collective bargaining rights.

Employers in need of an old-fashioned "labor lawyer" will find none more experienced than the lawyers of Morgan, Brown & Joy. And in the process, employers will find that the lawyers of Morgan, Brown & Joy are also versatile, modern "employment lawyers," as well.