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Training is an important way for an employer to convey to its employees the values of the company and to help employees develop valuable skills. It also is a powerful risk management tool that helps to ensure that your organization is in compliance with the multitude of workplace laws.

Morgan, Brown & Joy uses seasoned employment lawyers to provide training designed to assist managers and employees in understanding their legal obligations. Our lawyer/trainers routinely deliver training programs on a wide variety of employment and labor law issues to employees, supervisors, human resources professionals, and management. The firm has created and developed presentations in virtually every area of labor and employment law. These presentations are regularly updated and are presented through an interactive method to capture both the interest and attention of the participants. Nonetheless, to ensure the program meets with the client's expectations and goals, Morgan, Brown & Joy takes the time to tailor each program to needs of the group and organization to which it is being presented. Morgan, Brown & Joy lawyer/trainers also design and present curriculum specifically created for an employer's organization.

Examples of available employee/manager training courses that we offer include:

  • Administering Leaves of Absence
  • Conducting Effective Internal Investigations.
  • Disabilities in the Workplace
  • Evaluating, Disciplining and Terminating Employees
  • Managing the Frequently Absent Employee
  • Preventing Discrimination and Fostering Diversity
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment
  • The Top Ten Things Managers Need To Know About Employment Law
  • Tools for Effective and Defensible Performance Management
  • Stopping the Hiring Mistakes at the Door
  • Supervising to Reduce Legal Risk
  • Understanding the Interplay Between Leave Laws, Disability Laws and Workers' Compensation statutes