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January 12, 2006

Employment Law for Business Lawyers and In-House Counsel (Boston, MA)

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On January 12, 2006, Jaclyn Kugell will be among several speakers from a variety of firms presenting this seminar.

Why attend?

Business lawyers and in-house counsel often find themselves providing assistance with employment matters and preparing employment-related documents, such as severance, non-competition and executive compensation agreements. While the best course might be to hire a labor and employment law specialist, your client may not always have that option. You must be prepared to meet your clients’ needs for effective, practical advice on how to deal with common employment situations. This program gives you the knowledge you need to confidently handle your clients’ employment law questions.
  This seminar helps you to effectively advise businesses on employment law matters, and assist your business clients in avoiding employment law liability. The faculty of employment law specialists and in-house counsel explains common labor and employment law issues faced by business lawyers and in-house counsel. They help you spot the issues and provide practical solutions to common situations. They review common mistakes made by attorneys when advising employers, and teach you how to avoid them.

You will learn...

► “Top Ten” labor and employment law mistakes made by in-house counsel.
► The SEIU/AFL-CIO split, the new federal overtime regulations and other hot topics.
► How to evaluate whether a proposed termination or layoff may lead to liability.
► Practical tips for drafting executive employment and compensation contracts.
► Navigating your way through overlapping state and federal leave and disability laws.
► Creating severance and non-competition agreements that stick.
► First steps for dealing with union organizing and picketing.
► Recent developments and legal requirements regarding harassment and discrimination.

Agenda and written materials

► Test Your Knowledge
Questions—and answers—on important employment law topics that every business lawyer should know “off of the top of your head”

► Avoiding Termination-Related Claims
Looking at a termination from the perspective of a plaintiff’s attorney; Analyzing and documenting layoffs to avoid liability; Recent developments under the OWBPA

► Executive Contracts and Compensation
Contract provisions to help you retain talent and preserve flexibility; Non-competition, intellectual property and other key clauses

Harassment, Discrimination and Disability Law Update
Steps for investigating and documenting harassment complaints; How to handle requests for leaves and reasonable accommodation; Legally-required policies and procedures

► Misclassification of “exempt” employees and independent contractors, ignorance of labor laws affecting non-union businesses, I-9 record-keeping and other common mistakes that can result in liability

► “Ask the Experts” Question and Answer Session