Greg Manousos Quoted in MLW Article about MCAD Trends

In its April 26, 2010 edition, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly quoted MBJ attorney Greg Manousos in a front page article highlighting recent trends at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (“MCAD”).  Greg, who served as a MCAD staff attorney before joining MBJ in 2000, offered his perspective on the strategic decision by many plaintiffs’ attorneys to remove their cases from the MCAD in order to seek a jury trial in Court.  As Greg explained, many employees file their cases at the MCAD, wait for the employer to file the required position statement in order to obtain a glimpse into the employer’s factual and legal defenses, then remove the case to court.  Many attorneys choose to leave the MCAD because of the long delays in processing claims at the agency, and the perception that juries will provide more generous verdicts for employees.

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly is the primary trade publication for the legal profession in Massachusetts.  Greg is quoted frequently on matters involving the MCAD and employment discrimination litigation in the state.

The Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article is available by clicking here.  (Subscription required.)