Mark Whitney Appointed to Advisory Board of Trade Secrets Institute

Mark Whitney was recently appointed as a Member of the Advisory Board of the Trade Secrets Institute, at Brooklyn Law School.

Brooklyn Law School established the Trade Secrets Institute (TSI) as part of the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law at Brooklyn Law School. The TSI’s goal is to provide comprehensive neutral coverage of key trade secret cases and legislative or regulatory initiatives throughout the United States, and to focus on creating and maintaining a valuable online resource for those attorneys and professionals who practice in the area of trade secrets law. TSI has established a website and database to compile filings and decisions in trade secrets cases arising in all contexts that practitioners and academics alike can search in multiple ways – by trade secrets issue, trade secrets subject matter, document type, or jurisdiction. The TSI Website also intends to provide access to state trade secrets statutes and related federal laws, and some of the seminal decisions on trade secrets law among many U.S. jurisdictions.