MCAD Releases Omnibus Annual Report Covering 3-Year Period from 2004-2006

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), the agency charged with enforcement of the Commonwealth’s law against discrimination, recently issued an omnibus annual report that covers the last three years of activity at the agency.  The report is a must-read for Massachusetts employers wanting to understand what the MCAD has accomplished over the past 3 years, and what it intends to be doing in the future.

Among some of the notable things mentioned in the report are:
– the MCAD annouced that it has eliminated its backlog of cases and is now processing them at the same rate as the filing of new charges;
– the average time the MCAD takes to issue a probable cause/lack of probable cause determination has dropped from approximately 18 months to 11 months;
– the rate at which the MCAD is issuing probable cause determinations has increased slightly during the past 3 years;
– the report also outlines the various court cases and settlements that the MCAD has overseen or litigated in the past 3 years;
– the report contains a variety of statistics concerning the charges filed and resolved over the 3-year period.

To see the full report visit the MCAD’s web site or click here.