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Seminar Details

March 1, 2007

MB&J Breakfast Seminar Series: Wage and Hour Check Up - Avoid Becoming A Class Action Target

Location: Offices of Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP – 200 State Street 11th Floor, Boston

Time: 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Please note- this seminar is limited to 25 participants.  There is no fee for this seminar.

The last 24 months have seen several significant changes to both federal and state wage and hour standards that affect most employers’ practices on a daily basis.  Meanwhile class action lawsuits -- including those targeting small businesses-- have proliferated at an astounding pace.  Some important recent legal changes include:

  • Rules affecting employee protections when an informal internal complaint is lodged with a supervisor
  • When employees may be treated as exempt from overtime pay requirements
  • Employee rights to review various employment records
  • Extra pay requirements for Sunday and holiday work
  • Independent contractor standards
  • And a host of other little-known regulatory changes.
Join Dan Field, former chief of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s wage enforcement unit, and Jennifer Bombard for a fast-paced and informative seminar that will provide practical information to ensure your wage and hour practices are legally compliant. 

8:00am-8:15 am
Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15am-9:00 am
Overview of Important Wage and Hour Law Changes

Daniel S. Field, Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP
Overtime Exemption Update; how have the rules changed for executive, administrative and professional workers?  Where do commission sales and other exemptions stand?  How does state law now differ from federal law?
- State Blue Laws:  When is premium pay mandated for Sunday and holiday work and how is overtime calculated in these cases?
- Record Keeping Law:   What kinds of time and wage records must an employer keep in Massachusetts?  What kinds of records do employees have the right to read and copy?
- Employee Complaints:  When are employees afforded special protection from retaliation?
- Other regulatory guidance on little known labor codes on rest breaks, uniform deductions, docking pay on snow days and more. 

Wage and Hour Class Action Update

Jennifer Bombard, Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP
- Case Survey: Newly Filed Class Action Cases
- Plaintiffs’ Use of New Theories and Statutes
- Update on Massachusetts and Other Court Damages Awards

Conducting a Wage and Hour Check Up

Daniel S. Field and Jennifer Bombard,  Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP
- Wage Payment and Exemption Audits, Correcting Mistakes, Using New Federal “Safe Harbor” Protections, Strategies for Defending Law Suits
- Question and Answer Period