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Seminar Details

May 17, 2007

MBJ Breakfast Seminar Series: Developing and Administering Effective Performance Evaluation Systems

Location: Offices of Morgan, Brown & Joy -- 200 State Street, 11th floor, Boston

Time: 8:00am - 10:00am

Please note - this seminar is limited to 25 participants.  There is no fee for this seminar.

Properly designed performance evaluation systems can motivate employees, form the basis for rational business decisions, and assist an employer in defending employment law claims.  Poorly designed or implemented systems are counter-productive, waste management time and may create evidence which can be used against the employer.  Hosted by Larry Donoghue and Nathan Kaitz, this seminar will guide you through the process of developing and carrying out effective performance evaluation systems.  You will learn:

- How to develop an evaluation system
- How to assure that the system is properly executed by supervisors and managers
- How to avoid the most common mistakes in employee performance evaluations