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Seminar Details

March 28, 2014

BOSSES BEHAVING BADLY: Detecting, Deterring, and Mitigating the Risks of Executive Misconduct (Morning Session)

Location: Morgan, Brown & Joy, 200 State Street, Boston, 11th floor

Time: 9:00 a.m. -- 11:30 a.m.; Registration and Networking 8:30 a.m.

Unlike staff level employees and middle management, senior executives serve as the “face” of a company.  Because of their access to the company’s most sensitive information, senior executives are in a unique position to cause significant harm to their employer if they decide to misbehave.  There are many steps organizations can take to insulate themselves against fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of intellectual property, or a variety of other executive misdeeds.  Presented by a unique panel of experts who regularly deal with investigating and litigating executive misconduct, this seminar will address key strategies and best practice tips that employers need to know to protect their companies’ intellectual property and other business assets.

* Seminar Fee = None; free of charge.

* Due to demand, this seminar is being offered at two additional times (3/27 at 9 a.m.; and 3/27 at 1 p.m.). Please visit the Upcoming Events section of MB&J's web site if you wish to register for either of those sessions.


Revealing & Investigating Executive Wrongdoing

-- Chris Marquet, CEO of Marquet International, Ltd.

  • Examining Executive Misconduct
  • Case Study: Major embezzlement at public company by CFO
  • Detection and Investigative Strategies
  • Case Study: Corporate looting, valuation fraud, endemic consumer fraud, eavesdropping, drugs, intimidation, harassment & discrimination
  • Investigative Do’s and Don’ts

Electronically Stored Information and Computer Forensics

-- Mark Spencer, President of Arsenal Consulting, Inc.

  • Brief introduction to computer forensics
  • Important types of electronic evidence on corporate networks
  • Common methods of intellectual property theft
  • Responding to incidents which involve electronic evidence
  • Mitigating abuse of corporate systems and information
  • Case Study:  Group of executives steal business idea and form competing start-up

Scope of Liability and Mitigating the Risks of Executive Misbehavior

-- Mark Whitney, Partner at Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP

  • Common law legal duties owed by executives to their employers
  • Statutory protections for intellectual property
  • Proactive use of key contract provisions to minimize risk
  • Guarding the company “playbook” -- confidential information and trade secrets
  • Impact of employee mobility situations; interstate conflicts
  • Important recent legal developments