Morgan, Brown & Joy Partner Robert P. Joy Presents at the Cambridge Forum on Employment and Labor Law

Morgan, Brown & Joy Partner Robert P. Joy will present at the Cambridge Forum on Employment and Labor Law, February 26 – 28, 2020 in New Orleans, LA. His presentation will focus on Developments in Labor Law.

Joy has over four decades of experience handling employment cases before state and federal agencies and courts at every level. With sophisticated knowledge that helps employers manage a range of employment and labor matters, Joy has appeared in employment cases in 36 states, including successfully arguing Lechmere, Inc. v. N.L.R.B. before the Supreme Court of the United States, a decision setting the national balancing test for private property rights and organizational rights. Joy is a member of the firm’s management committee and served as Chair from 1994 – 2013.

​The Cambridge Forum is an annual meeting of up to 48 leading employment and labor law lawyers from across the United States. Participants are personally selected by the Steering Committee based on their experience and specialization in these matters. The Cambridge Forum does not feature traditional presentations and revolves around the active participation of all those in attendance. The goal is to foster active discussion and debate on the timely topics selected by the Steering Committee.

About Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP

Morgan, Brown & Joy is among the largest management-side employment law firms in New England, representing a wide range of Fortune 100 corporations, educational and health care institutions and small businesses across all sectors of the economy. The firm’s attorneys are known for anticipating and finding solutions to the ever-expanding range of employment-related legal issues in order to avoid the time and cost of litigation. When litigation becomes necessary, the firm aggressively defends its clients and has a proven record of success.